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title. New Package Design

date. 2018/ 03


YOUNG(稚) ZHI is a control insect aerosol that needs the professional license from the Ministry of agriculture. At present, there are no similar professional household products on the market.

The use of white aluminum cans as a bottle to convey the concept of health and hygiene, with art hand-painted humorous scene. Communicate information about the product's features and uses in a natural and concise manner and get closer to the user. Due to the special market attributes of control insect products, the labeling requirements on the back of the bottle are of high professional requirements. Need to follow the strict logic design and clearly expressed. Visual conflict by the rigorous design of the back and the positive humorous images formed to reflect the professional life and people-oriented design concepts. (稚 ZHI ) The birth of insect aerosols is a combination of commercial trends and design innovations that are moving from expertise to the civilian market. Bring the concept of health into daily life through new product design, create a new consumer market for the traditional health medicine industry and achieve industrial upgrading. 

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  title. Culture Promotion Project

              date. 2017/ 10


The posters and the photos are the visual materials designed for activities focusing sustainable lifestyle. According to the Swedish symbols "Falun red" and “Dala horse” I have created drawings and designed the posters. Both the drawing and the posters are designed to express a Minimalism philosophy without dull and to assist audiences' comprehension about a sustainable lifestyle.



title. Art Gallery Redesign Project

                date. 2016/ 09



title. Space Design

                date. 2018/ 04


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